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Professionals who know the value of hard work, service, earning money, and saving for their families and their futures.

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Grandy Bell Miller is a Baltimore-based financial planning and wealth management firm whose advisors deliver far more than just advice and guidance. At the core of the firm’s operations are energetic financial professionals who bring a work ethic and grit that each learned from similar upbringings. Bell, and Stuckey, were both raised in the Baltimore area by working-class business owner families. Now serving clients across the United States, their background has shaped the team’s strong values and has also determined the clientele they serve: professionals who know the value of hard work, service, earning money, and saving for their families and their futures.

We built our financial practice on these core values:

  • INTEGRITY: Our clients trust us to be at the center of their financial lives. In recent years the news has been rife with stories touting the lack of integrity in the financial industry, but our team has demonstrated time and time again that we always put our clients’ best interests first.

  • RESPONSIVENESS: We asked our clients what they love most about working with this team. They overwhelmingly shared that we not only respond to client inquiries in a timely manner, we also bring thoughtful answers and innovative solutions.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Over time many of our clients have become great personal friends. Why? It’s because we work with hardworking, principled professionals like ourselves; our clients are people whose life goals we relate to and understand. A win for our clients is a win for us. With this empathy and genuine caring, strong relationships are made.

  • COMMITMENT TO EDUCATION: With over 25 years of combined team experience and two CFP professionals leading the way, our team is relentlessly dedicated to mastering our craft and educating our clients. Many people who enter into our planning process experience the peace of mind that comes from working with someone who can explain complex financial topics in practical and manageable terms.

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Jason "Jay" Bell, CFP®
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Grandy Bell Miller

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